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2010, September 12th Chatlog: GoMe Meeting

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Original thread can be found here: http://www.guildofmessengers.com/en/forum/topic/guild-meeting

(09/12 10:08:18) Chat.log started...
(09/12 10:08:23)  GoMeLeonardo: chat log started
(09/12 10:08:44)  GoMeLeonardo: So we have only one point to discuss today
(09/12 10:08:58)  GoMeLeonardo: that is the major point of our work in these days
(09/12 10:09:06)  GoMeLeonardo: The Go Magazine ^^
(09/12 10:09:10)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: woot!
(09/12 10:09:33)  GoMeLeonardo: I'm not much in the development but I follow the discussins, and I can say I like what I see
(09/12 10:09:43)  GoMeLeonardo: It's coming back, fainally
(09/12 10:09:43)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: yes, me too
(09/12 10:09:46)  GoMeLeonardo: *finally
(09/12 10:10:02)  GoMeLeonardo: So, for summarizing a bit where we are
(09/12 10:10:15)  GoMeLeonardo: We should have articles wirtten
(09/12 10:10:30)  GoMeLeonardo: or at least we should know which articles there will be on the first issue
(09/12 10:10:43)  Musica: Ha some editing been done?
(09/12 10:10:57)  GoMeLeonardo: I'm not sure
(09/12 10:11:08)  Luna(nne): no not yet, that is what I think should happen now. Feedback and editing
(09/12 10:11:13)  Polgara: Like proofreading?
(09/12 10:11:25)  GoMeLeonardo: Polgara is developing the Graphics and Szark is working on the logo
(09/12 10:11:54)  GoMeLeonardo: and Luna with Theremin are the Editors ^^
(09/12 10:12:00)  Luna(nne): (maybe we should let Leonardo say what he has to say)
(09/12 10:12:12)  GoMeLeonardo: oh I have little to say LUna XD
(09/12 10:12:24)  GoMeLeonardo: I just wanted to follow Theremin's points
(09/12 10:12:34)  GoMeLeonardo: and then let the discussion go
(09/12 10:12:48)  GoMeLeonardo: Theremin posted a list of things to be discused on the forum
(09/12 10:13:01)  GoMeLeonardo: I think the more urgent to discuss is the Logo
(09/12 10:13:25)  GoMeLeonardo: During the first meeting about the Newspaper we decided we could have done a contest
(09/12 10:13:31)  GoMeLeonardo: for the Logo and maye the graphics
(09/12 10:13:52)  GoMeLeonardo: do we want to continue with that, or do we like Szark's proposals
(09/12 10:14:00)  GoMeLeonardo: or Rilo's
(09/12 10:14:24)  GoMeLeonardo: and Polgara's for the general graphics of the Magazine
(09/12 10:14:46)  Luna(nne): I think it is a bit late to organize a contest, but we could keep a vote within the guild on the proposals
(09/12 10:14:51)  Musica: I like the logo with the rolling wheel look
(09/12 10:15:17)  GoMeLeonardo: yes I think we are late for a contest too
(09/12 10:15:19)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: When is the target publication date?
(09/12 10:15:31)  GoMeLeonardo: that's the next point of discussion
(09/12 10:15:56)  Luna(nne): I think it will become last week of september
(09/12 10:16:05)  Luna(nne): at least
(09/12 10:16:18)  GoMeLeonardo: I hope so, if we can get everything
(09/12 10:16:59)  GoMeLeonardo: any other comments on the logo and graphics?
(09/12 10:17:02)  GoMe Marten: Is there enough content in our pipeline to begin planning the subsequent issue?
(09/12 10:17:19)  GoMe Marten: (Add that idea to the bottom of your discussion list)
(09/12 10:17:30)  GoMeLeonardo: I know someone created an entry in the Wiki for the next issue....but I haven't lokked inside XD
(09/12 10:17:55)  GoMe Marten: Szark didn't understand what I was saying about the logo, but Theremin understood.
(09/12 10:18:08)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(09/12 10:18:22)  GoMeLeonardo: YOu wanted the logo included in a major graphics
(09/12 10:18:31)  GoMeLeonardo: Szark did the opposite XD
(09/12 10:18:47)  GoMe Marten: Right
(09/12 10:19:03)  AgeExplorer: Like Branans work as well as Deep Island Shard
(09/12 10:19:06)  AgeExplorer: woops
(09/12 10:19:08)  AgeExplorer: lol
(09/12 10:19:14)  GoMeLeonardo: Age XD
(09/12 10:19:20)  AgeExplorer: hehe
(09/12 10:19:55)  GoMeLeonardo: Polgara how's the grahpics goign?
(09/12 10:20:03)  GoMeLeonardo: typos sorry XD
(09/12 10:20:14)  Polgara: Working on it.
(09/12 10:20:27)  Polgara: I will put the zip file online later
(09/12 10:21:03)  GoMeLeonardo: I like what you are developing, you're using well the red theme, but maybe we could insert some more yellow around?
(09/12 10:21:23)  Luna(nne): you can't have too much yellow :P
(09/12 10:21:27)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol
(09/12 10:21:31)  AgeExplorer: hehe
(09/12 10:21:35)  GoMeLeonardo: eheeheh, I know, but it's our color XD
(09/12 10:21:49)  Polgara: Of course we can, or we can change the colours with every issue
(09/12 10:21:55)  Musica: yea
(09/12 10:22:04)  GoMeLeonardo: or maybe I don't know, I'm going from what I think, maybe you all think that we can have red too
(09/12 10:22:20)  GoMe Marten: On behalf of JWPlatt, I'll disagree.
(09/12 10:22:32)  GoMeLeonardo: (?)
(09/12 10:22:34)  Luna(nne): no, I think there should be yellow somewhere it is after all the colour people associate with us
(09/12 10:23:01)  GoMe Marten: (For a long time, JWPlatt complained that the background of the Myst Online forums was 'too red'.)
(09/12 10:23:24)  AgeExplorer: hahaha
(09/12 10:23:33)  Luna(nne): (doesn't he complain on everything?)
(09/12 10:23:36)  AgeExplorer: but it isn't really
(09/12 10:23:49)  GoMe Marten: Just a little joke.  I like the red, in moderation (not too much, use it to brigthten things up)
(09/12 10:23:51)  GoMeLeonardo: maybe Polgara can think of a basic yellow theme and then add other colors over it
(09/12 10:24:00)  Polgara: Yellow is very  pale, have to try to use it
(09/12 10:24:33)  GoMeLeonardo: I see, maybe you can use something more on the gold/brown
(09/12 10:24:54)  Polgara: That sounds good.
(09/12 10:24:54)  Luna(nne): yeah , maybe somewhat darker yellow
(09/12 10:25:25)  GoMe Marten: The walls here are sort of mustard-y.
(09/12 10:26:00)  Musica: So is the leaft motif band in the circle
(09/12 10:26:01)  GoMeLeonardo: (just noticed the clothes on the ceiling have the GoG symbol on it O_o)
(09/12 10:26:17)  AgeExplorer: oh hahaha
(09/12 10:26:24)  AgeExplorer: yes they do
(09/12 10:26:34)  Luna(nne): really?
(09/12 10:26:34)  AgeExplorer: the two hands
(09/12 10:26:38)  AgeExplorer: have a look
(09/12 10:26:40)  GoMe Marten: I think having some texture to the yellow helps a lot.
(09/12 10:26:55)  Luna(nne): ow there
(09/12 10:27:07)  GoMeLeonardo: yes, it helps the idea of being associate with the Messengers
(09/12 10:27:18)  GoMe Marten: I guess when they restored the place this most recent time they put the wrong setting on the banners.  There was 1 pub like that in Season One for a bit, but they fixed it.
(09/12 10:28:13)  GoMeLeonardo: going back for a second on the Logo Selection
(09/12 10:28:32)  GoMe Marten: I thought the idea of a poll within the guild was a good approach.
(09/12 10:28:49)  GoMe Marten: What lunanne suggested.
(09/12 10:28:55)  GoMeLeonardo: if we want to do a intern vote, we should decide a final date for submitting the logos
(09/12 10:29:20)  Polgara: Has to be in shorter time
(09/12 10:29:28)  GoMeLeonardo: so after that we can vote and have a final logo that we can use
(09/12 10:29:48)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: are we inviting new submissions?  Will that offend those who have already worked on logos?
(09/12 10:30:16)  GoMe Marten: Give folks a week to wrap it up?  Less, more?
(09/12 10:30:25)  Musica: Did anyone invite Chris Sifniotis to submit a graphic  idea?
(09/12 10:30:36)  GoMeLeonardo: no Musica
(09/12 10:30:51)  GoMe Marten: Then you need polling time too.  We don't want to be making a decision at the 11th hour of production
(09/12 10:30:59)  Musica: He made a couple good ones for DMR concerts and one for here too, I thought
(09/12 10:31:28)  GoMeLeonardo: yes, the one in the Imager was done by him
(09/12 10:31:43)  GoMeLeonardo: I agree with marten
(09/12 10:32:10)  Luna(nne): yeah a week should be okay
(09/12 10:32:21)  Polgara: Yes
(09/12 10:32:25)  GoMeLeonardo: if we want to point to the last week of sept then one week from now is a good
(09/12 10:32:35)  GoMeLeonardo: *without the 'a'*
(09/12 10:32:39)  GoMe Marten: And how long for the poll?
(09/12 10:32:41)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: :-)
(09/12 10:32:59)  GoMe Marten: Among our own members can we get the poll done in, say, 3 days?
(09/12 10:33:09)  Luna(nne): if we use a PM maybe
(09/12 10:33:10)  GoMeLeonardo: probably yes
(09/12 10:33:17)  Musica: 9/19 would be good to give people a weekend to design
(09/12 10:33:41)  GoMeLeonardo: giving a weekend weems a good idea
(09/12 10:33:45)  GoMeLeonardo: seems
(09/12 10:33:46)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: yes
(09/12 10:35:06)  GoMeLeonardo: ok, so 1 full week for the design and 3 days for the poll
(09/12 10:35:19)  Musica: Sounds good
(09/12 10:35:29)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: give people a heads up that the poll is coming - so they don't miss it
(09/12 10:35:30)  GoMeLeonardo: Lunanne?
(09/12 10:35:42)  GoMeLeonardo: sure, I'll PM all the Messengers
(09/12 10:35:47) GoMe.Ju'lee D nods her head
(09/12 10:35:53)  Polgara: Good
(09/12 10:36:00)  Luna(nne): what?
(09/12 10:36:14)  Polgara: the timetable said
(09/12 10:36:23)  Luna(nne): if  I don't say anything I agree ;)
(09/12 10:36:26)  GoMeLeonardo: I don't know XD you're the editor
(09/12 10:36:52)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: so the logo will be decided on the 22nd?  Poll 20-22?
(09/12 10:37:10)  Luna(nne): yeah but I thought Theremin would make the decisions
(09/12 10:37:30)  GoMeLeonardo: he posted that you can make all the decisions during the Meeting XD
(09/12 10:37:37) GoMe.Ju'lee D starts to laugh
(09/12 10:37:44)  Polgara: lol
(09/12 10:37:59)  Musica: You know, "in absentia" haha
(09/12 10:38:29)  GoMeLeonardo: We have to decide something XD
(09/12 10:38:41)  Luna(nne): it is okay :)
(09/12 10:38:51) GoMe.Ju'lee D cheers
(09/12 10:39:02)  Musica: Ok One down
(09/12 10:39:26)  GoMeLeonardo: then we talked of additional artowkrs
(09/12 10:39:31)  GoMeLeonardo: *artworks*
(09/12 10:39:56)  GoMeLeonardo: this means both the First page artowork and the eventual more little one
(09/12 10:39:58)  GoMeLeonardo: s
(09/12 10:40:19)  Polgara: Has anything been done with the cover?
(09/12 10:40:31)  Luna(nne): Clat would make the cover and someone else second page
(09/12 10:40:44)  GoMeLeonardo: we started a good discussion with LostThyme last time, with involving the deviantArt community
(09/12 10:40:44)  Luna(nne): and the cover of the next edition
(09/12 10:40:56)  Polgara: Sounds great
(09/12 10:40:57)  GoMeLeonardo: (lyllus will make the cover for the second issue
(09/12 10:40:59)  GoMeLeonardo: )
(09/12 10:42:01)  Polgara: So what additional graphics do we need?
(09/12 10:42:10)  GoMeLeonardo: since we have polgara developing the layout, probably we want to involve the DA community only for the cover art and let the inner graphics of the paper to Polgara
(09/12 10:42:28)  Luna(nne): yeah, I like the idea of involving DA, I think it is the closest we have to a Guild of Artists
(09/12 10:43:19)  GoMeLeonardo: examples of additional graphics: on the old newspaper we had a logo on the headline of each article than defined the subject of the article, like "science", "fun", "history" etc
(09/12 10:44:24)  GoMeLeonardo: I think that those things can be managed internally, if it is ok for Polgara
(09/12 10:44:44)  GoMeLeonardo: and involve DA with the next Cover
(09/12 10:44:55)  GoMeLeonardo: ideas? thoughts?
(09/12 10:45:15)  Luna(nne): yeah , I like that
(09/12 10:45:21)  Polgara: Its ok - I have some troble in the moment with my pc
(09/12 10:45:30)  GoMeLeonardo: oh I see
(09/12 10:46:43)  GoMeLeonardo: Now, next point on Theremin's list is
(09/12 10:46:52)  GoMeLeonardo: possible future themes
(09/12 10:47:06)  GoMeLeonardo: I'm not sure what this means
(09/12 10:47:12)  GoMeLeonardo: if he meant the cover
(09/12 10:47:26)  Musica: Sounds like issue themes to me
(09/12 10:47:34)  GoMeLeonardo: or maybe he liked the idea of chaging the newspaper theme each time
(09/12 10:47:42)  Luna(nne): yeah he means that
(09/12 10:47:51)  GoMeLeonardo: ok
(09/12 10:47:53)  Luna(nne): he mentioned that once
(09/12 10:48:14)  GoMeLeonardo: I see
(09/12 10:48:23)  Luna(nne): Currently it is "international"
(09/12 10:48:36)  GoMeLeonardo: ah ok....I thought the graphics theme XD
(09/12 10:48:48)  Polgara: Those also
(09/12 10:48:56)  GoMeLeonardo: ok
(09/12 10:49:07)  Luna(nne): well the graphics follow sort of
(09/12 10:49:21) GoMeLeonardo nods his head
(09/12 10:49:37)  GoMeLeonardo: any idea for the leading theme for the next issue?
(09/12 10:49:44)  GoMe Marten: We could start a separate thread at the forums soliciting ideas for future themes, then Theremin can either pick one or use a poll to pick the next one?
(09/12 10:49:57)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(09/12 10:50:11)  GoMe Marten: We can still throw some ideas to start out, here :)
(09/12 10:50:18)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(09/12 10:50:26)  Luna(nne): that is hard
(09/12 10:51:19)  GoMeLeonardo: the international there came out quite easily, we have many people from other communities, like Dutch, Italian, etc
(09/12 10:51:20)  GoMe Marten: The GoG once did a presentation on how Uru affected the lives of 5 people
(09/12 10:51:25)  Musica: The "latest thing" is going to the Deep Island area and other explorer created places
(09/12 10:51:35)  GoMe Marten: So, Uru in our Lives is one idea
(09/12 10:51:50)  Luna(nne): fan art could be an idea
(09/12 10:51:51)  GoMe Marten: New Places, tthat's a great theme Musica
(09/12 10:52:00)  Musica: I like that one, Marten, as it fits in with an article idea I have
(09/12 10:52:07)  Musica: Yours I mean
(09/12 10:52:21)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I was going to say, the theme needs to have articles behind it - we should see what's in the pipeline...
(09/12 10:52:39)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: (if there is a pipeline...)
(09/12 10:52:50)  Luna(nne): only Szarks article is in the pipleine currently
(09/12 10:52:54)  Luna(nne): *pipeline
(09/12 10:53:01)  Luna(nne): about Myst
(09/12 10:53:06)  GoMeLeonardo: LostThyme on her way to the pub
(09/12 10:53:14)  GoMe Marten: chicken and egg.  Defining themes will help give people ideas so we can build that pipeline.
(09/12 10:53:21)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: very true
(09/12 10:53:23)  Musica: I posted my article in August, but I've only seen Leo's and mine and one other person's in the wiki book
(09/12 10:53:35)  Luna(nne): there are 5 now or so
(09/12 10:53:39)  GoMeLeonardo: Shorah LostThyme!
(09/12 10:53:40)  LThyme: Hello!
(09/12 10:53:44)  Luna(nne): hi LT :)
(09/12 10:53:45)  Musica: yea!
(09/12 10:53:49)  AgeExplorer: Shorah LThyme
(09/12 10:53:49)  Polgara: Hi
(09/12 10:53:50)  LThyme: Sorry I'm late. Got distracted by a movie.
(09/12 10:53:54)  AgeExplorer: hehe
(09/12 10:53:57)  GoMeLeonardo: lol
(09/12 10:53:57)  AgeExplorer: it happens :P
(09/12 10:53:58)  GoMe Marten: Hope it was a good one.
(09/12 10:54:01)  LThyme: nah
(09/12 10:54:12)  GoMe Marten: {Scott Pilgrim Vs The World!}
(09/12 10:54:20)  GoMeLeonardo: we are currently discussing about the theme for the next issues of the paper
(09/12 10:54:22) AgeExplorer starts to laugh
(09/12 10:54:28)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: how often is it planned to release an issue of the magazine?  Bi-monthly?
(09/12 10:54:36)  GoMeLeonardo: more I think
(09/12 10:54:44)  GoMeLeonardo: 3 or 4 per year
(09/12 10:54:45)  GoMe Marten: Theremin was aiming for quarterly, I thought.
(09/12 10:54:51)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(09/12 10:54:51)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: ahh
(09/12 10:54:51)  GoMe Marten: (That's less, Leo. :)
(09/12 10:54:56) GoMe.Ju'lee D smiles
(09/12 10:54:59)  Luna(nne): uhm yeah that what Leo says, whatever you call that in english
(09/12 10:55:00)  GoMeLeonardo: ( :P )
(09/12 10:55:01)  AgeExplorer: hehe
(09/12 10:55:28)  GoMe Marten: Quarterly or Tri-annually.
(09/12 10:55:31)  Musica: A quarterly is what I originally heard.
(09/12 10:55:47)  GoMe Marten: (although the latter can be read as '3 times a year' or 'every 3 years')
(09/12 10:55:58)  GoMe Marten: One spot where English is very poorly defined.
(09/12 10:56:22)  Luna(nne): (the current articles are Clat, art of myst, K'veer, ayoheek, voltiguers, )
(09/12 10:56:39)  GoMe Marten: So, yes, themes.  It was mentioned that our first issue theme is 'international' and we're looking for other theme ideas.
(09/12 10:57:21)  GoMeLeonardo: the ideas that came out were: OTher Worlds (other shards and GoW Ages) and "How myst affected the lifes of its players"
(09/12 10:57:45)  Musica: It sounds to me like we need more material for the 1st issue
(09/12 10:58:06)  Luna(nne): well I just remember I assigned a article to Lostthyme, I only forgot what
(09/12 10:58:07)  GoMe Marten: Actually there's a whole other 'Other Worlds' thing that I've discussed with Theremin :)  Hence looking for MQO players.
(09/12 10:58:32)  GoMeLeonardo: LostThyme, you asked for ideas for articles to write, maybe you can illustrate the wonrders of the DA Community
(09/12 10:58:38)  Luna(nne): there is your interview still coming btw Musica
(09/12 10:59:00)  LThyme: I /would/ like to write on the dA community
(09/12 10:59:01)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: MQO?
(09/12 10:59:02)  Luna(nne): I only mentioned the articles that have a draft in the guild book
(09/12 10:59:28)  Luna(nne): o yeah that was it. an article on "design an age" contest, wasn't it, LT?
(09/12 10:59:38)  GoMeLeonardo: that would be wonderful LThyme, the current theme is about the communites of Myst
(09/12 10:59:43)  LThyme: Or just dA in general would be nice
(09/12 10:59:50)  LThyme: with a mention of the contest
(09/12 11:00:12)  LThyme: Quick question, when is the deadline for writing article?
(09/12 11:00:43)  GoMeLeonardo: We pointed to have a published issue on the last week of Sept
(09/12 11:00:48)  LThyme: School is beating me over the head lately. I haven't had much time for other things.
(09/12 11:00:49)  LThyme: ah
(09/12 11:00:53)  LThyme: that's doable for me
(09/12 11:00:57)  GoMe Marten: (MQO = MagiQuest Online)
(09/12 11:01:22)  GoMeLeonardo: yes Marten XD, that's an interesting point, I know very little of how's going MQO
(09/12 11:01:46)  GoMe Marten: For a deadline for written articles, let's try working back from the desired publish date.
(09/12 11:02:36)  GoMeLeonardo: Polgara what do you think would be the time needed to assemble an issue?
(09/12 11:02:39)  GoMe Marten: To say final proofing is a day, assembly is... how long?
(09/12 11:02:49)  Musica: Me neither. I did it by cut and paste in high school lol
(09/12 11:03:17)  Polgara: Depends on how the layout is devloped.
(09/12 11:03:40)  GoMeLeonardo: what do you mean?
(09/12 11:04:09)  Polgara: If its clear it will take a few days - about 4
(09/12 11:04:32)  GoMe Marten: Ok, that's a best case estimate.  What's the worst case and most likely/
(09/12 11:04:39)  GoMe Marten: ?
(09/12 11:04:45)  GoMeLeonardo: XD
(09/12 11:05:21)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Logo is chosen 9/22.  Sounds like articles need to be in by then as well.
(09/12 11:05:40) GoMeLeonardo nods his head
(09/12 11:05:47)  LThyme: that gives us a little over a week to write them
(09/12 11:05:52) GoMe.Ju'lee D nods her head
(09/12 11:05:56)  LThyme: okay
(09/12 11:06:00)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(09/12 11:06:00)  LThyme: I like deadlines
(09/12 11:06:07)  Luna(nne): sounds good
(09/12 11:06:53) GoMe Marten wants to hear Polgara's reply... taking into consideration any other RL interruptions and responsibilities she has to deal with over the rest of the month
(09/12 11:07:13)  Polgara: Sorry, my PC is too slow.
(09/12 11:07:13)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(09/12 11:07:13)  Musica: I'll give it a shot
(09/12 11:07:25)  GoMeLeonardo: it's ok Polgara
(09/12 11:07:51)  Polgara: I will be gone from Thursday until end of week after (25. September about).
(09/12 11:08:32)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: If the articles are submitted by the 22nd, does that Include or Exclude editing, fact checking and proofreading?
(09/12 11:08:35)  Polgara: So I will try to make some suggestions about the layout and then start working when i am back.
(09/12 11:08:49)  GoMeLeonardo: those are excluded Julee
(09/12 11:08:50)  GoMe Marten: Okay.  And you said, 4 days to assemble - if the layout is "clear".  You mean that it has been well defined, or that it is an "easy" (not complex) layout?
(09/12 11:09:06)  Polgara: It has to be defined.
(09/12 11:09:29)  GoMe Marten: Can we get the layout settled before Thursday?
(09/12 11:10:09)  Polgara: I hope so. I will make a suggestion tomorrow and post it again and also the file itself for everyboda to use.
(09/12 11:10:17)  GoMeLeonardo: great
(09/12 11:10:26)  GoMe Marten: Okay.  Let's all look at that tomorrow then!
(09/12 11:10:59)  Polgara: What about the suugestion of Szark concerning acrossowrd?
(09/12 11:11:03)  GoMeLeonardo: so, summing up everything. Is End of the Month a resonable dealine?
(09/12 11:11:10)  GoMeLeonardo: oh yes crosswords
(09/12 11:11:14)  AgeExplorer: yes
(09/12 11:11:18)  AgeExplorer: I love crosswords
(09/12 11:11:21)  LThyme: oooh, crossword
(09/12 11:11:23)  Polgara: Me too
(09/12 11:11:26) AgeExplorer cheers
(09/12 11:11:32) GoMe.Ju'lee D smiles
(09/12 11:11:42)  GoMeLeonardo: Szark was great making Myst Crosswords, even relly comple ones
(09/12 11:11:46)  GoMeLeonardo: complex
(09/12 11:11:49)  GoMe Marten: If the crossword is done by the 22nd. :)
(09/12 11:11:52)  AgeExplorer: :)
(09/12 11:12:06)  GoMeLeonardo: I could work on the "Did you Know?"
(09/12 11:12:26)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I like those
(09/12 11:12:31)  Polgara: Would also be great
(09/12 11:12:55)  GoMe Marten: "Did you know there is still a piece of the Pre-after puzzle unaccounted for?" :)
(09/12 11:13:06)  GoMeLeonardo: O_o
(09/12 11:13:07)  Luna(nne): sounds good
(09/12 11:13:09)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: intriguing
(09/12 11:13:11)  Luna(nne): uh? pre-after?
(09/12 11:13:53)  GoMe Marten: Pre-after was part of the spin-up for Uru originally.  Journey symbols were buried in various places, and clues were given.
(09/12 11:13:58) GoMeLeonardo nods his head
(09/12 11:14:11)  GoMeLeonardo: in the real world
(09/12 11:14:35)  GoMe Marten: Yep.  See the transcript of the chat with Cyan at Mysterium 09, I brought up the topic.  Rand dodged it.
(09/12 11:14:52)  LThyme: oh my
(09/12 11:15:00)  GoMe Marten: Did You Knows would be great, Leo.
(09/12 11:15:02)  LThyme: Sneaky Rand
(09/12 11:15:08)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(09/12 11:15:40)  GoMe Marten: We might want to solicit people to contribute ideas for those too, we seemed to have a shortage of them on the newspaper, I was seeing them get re-used.
(09/12 11:15:44)  Luna(nne): so there are stil journey symbols buried somewhere?
(09/12 11:16:06)  GoMe Marten: Don't know Lunanne, Cyan may have gone and dug it back up when people didn't find it.  We don't know.
(09/12 11:16:26)  GoMe Marten: I keep derailing the meeting, I'm sorry
(09/12 11:16:31)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol
(09/12 11:16:51)  GoMeLeonardo: yes they were reused XD I provieded some, then some were copied from mystLore
(09/12 11:17:18)  GoMeLeonardo: I'll think of more XD
(09/12 11:17:45)  GoMe Marten: "Did you know the spiral was supposed to do something other than fireworks?" :)
(09/12 11:17:54)  LThyme: That's a good one
(09/12 11:18:00)  LThyme: but you would need to explain it
(09/12 11:18:05)  GoMeLeonardo: eheheh
(09/12 11:18:16)  GoMeLeonardo: only Cyan can
(09/12 11:18:21)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Maybe it will this time if it ever becomes completed...
(09/12 11:18:27)  GoMe Marten: "Did you know there was originally a mirror puzzle planned for Sharper's office?"
(09/12 11:18:41)  GoMeLeonardo: oh yes! that's on the Uru trailer
(09/12 11:18:43)  AgeExplorer: YES hehehe :P
(09/12 11:18:56)  AgeExplorer: Now that could have been very cool
(09/12 11:19:07)  GoMeLeonardo: I think the numbers on the picture were meant to be part of that
(09/12 11:19:08)  GoMe Marten: "Do you know about the Fish Taco shirts?"
(09/12 11:19:13)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: all this just makes me want new stuff so much...
(09/12 11:19:29)  GoMe Marten: "Did you know that originally, it wasn't possible to take a picture of the Bahro stone on the neighborhood balcony?"
(09/12 11:19:30) Thumbs up from GoMeLeonardo
(09/12 11:19:47)  LThyme: You need to be careful not to just tease with these things. Be sure to explain what you're talking about
(09/12 11:19:52)  GoMe Marten: That, and the numbers that only showed up in pictures in the office, yah.
(09/12 11:19:58)  GoMeLeonardo: we lost someone
(09/12 11:20:09)  GoMeLeonardo: ah Musica ^^
(09/12 11:20:20)  Musica: Yes, I poofed
(09/12 11:20:28)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I hate it when that happens...
(09/12 11:20:54)  Musica: Especially if we're still discussing
(09/12 11:21:16)  GoMe Marten: We were just suggesting "Did you know?s"
(09/12 11:21:24)  GoMeLeonardo: XD
(09/12 11:21:47)  Musica: my did you know was I was told recently that Yeesha created the relto age
(09/12 11:21:59) GoMe.Ju'lee D smiles
(09/12 11:22:00) GoMe Marten starts to laugh
(09/12 11:22:06)  GoMeLeonardo: lol
(09/12 11:22:09)  Polgara: lol
(09/12 11:22:11)  Musica: as a writing practice age for the art
(09/12 11:22:33)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I forget how I first heard that...
(09/12 11:22:43)  LThyme: ... wasn't that what it was for?
(09/12 11:23:00)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: just goes to show that we explorers are all at different journey levels
(09/12 11:23:12)  Musica: Or did you mean a "true or not true" column?
(09/12 11:23:23)  GoMeLeonardo: ?
(09/12 11:23:49)  GoMe Marten: We had these in the newspaper before.  Little snippets of trivia.
(09/12 11:23:54)  Musica: There is some fictional explanagaions tor things in URU too
(09/12 11:24:37)  GoMe Marten: If we incorporated those, I would use a careful phrase, like, "The <phenomenon> is explained by <reason>"
(09/12 11:24:40)  GoMeLeonardo: Any other points we want to discuss?
(09/12 11:24:53)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: we should recap what we've got so far
(09/12 11:24:59)  Luna(nne): state of current articles?
(09/12 11:25:03)  GoMeLeonardo: ok
(09/12 11:25:06)  Musica: Yep. Allan White does that
(09/12 11:25:22)  GoMeLeonardo: I'm going to do the final translation for my article very soon
(09/12 11:25:58)  GoMeLeonardo: I think Clat's is done
(09/12 11:26:01)  GoMe Marten: I've only proofread 1 article but will try to catch up so I'm not rushing to do it on the 23rd.  I'm going out of town the weekend of the 25th.
(09/12 11:26:22)  GoMeLeonardo: good Marten :)
(09/12 11:27:00)  Luna(nne): I still need to work on my article, but would like some feedback on the overall idea/tone so I don't go off in the totally wrong direction
(09/12 11:27:13)  Luna(nne): I'll start giving others feedback too
(09/12 11:27:22)  GoMe Marten: Szark had a question on the forums, whether articles still needed to be trimmed down so much given that we're going to a 'magazine' format rather than 'newspaper'
(09/12 11:28:03)  Luna(nne): According to theremin it should be around the 500 words
(09/12 11:28:09)  GoMeLeonardo: It think our words limits should be increased because we are doing a magazine now
(09/12 11:28:12)  LThyme: oh, okay
(09/12 11:28:17)  Luna(nne): but if you disagree you are free to fight it
(09/12 11:28:23)  LThyme: I'll note that down
(09/12 11:28:34)  Musica: I was also told to write about 500 words by Theremin
(09/12 11:28:38)  GoMe Marten: Szark says his article is about 900 words, after chopping
(09/12 11:28:53)  Musica: Hehe he's reckoning without Theremin
(09/12 11:28:53)  GoMeLeonardo: 500 words are very little if we want to do a magazine, but that's just the nax-limit, there is no min-limit
(09/12 11:28:59)  Luna(nne): if it is still a good article I don't really mind
(09/12 11:29:29)  GoMeLeonardo: my article is 600 words in italian....we'll see in english
(09/12 11:29:32)  Musica: Right
(09/12 11:29:43)  Musica: It's not a hard and fast rule
(09/12 11:30:05)  Luna(nne): i think quality more important than quantity
(09/12 11:30:13) LThyme nods her head
(09/12 11:30:16) GoMeLeonardo nods his head
(09/12 11:30:17)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Magazines usually have a mix of shorter and longer articles and I agree - quality is the key
(09/12 11:30:25)  GoMeLeonardo: we're definitely pointing on quality
(09/12 11:30:34)  Luna(nne): so just focus on writting a good article and don't worry abou tthe length
(09/12 11:30:38)  LThyme: Still might want to limit me. I could blather on for pages about the dA community.
(09/12 11:30:42) LThyme laughs
(09/12 11:30:45)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: well, worry a little.  :-)
(09/12 11:31:11)  Luna(nne): that is where the editors are for Lostthyme :)
(09/12 11:31:31)  GoMe Marten: Any other article statuses?  How much is on the wiki now?
(09/12 11:31:52)  GoMe Marten: Szark did some cleanup/organization, I read
(09/12 11:31:55)  Luna(nne): the ones I mentioned earlier
(09/12 11:32:05)  Musica: There's 5 so far Marten
(09/12 11:32:26)  GoMe Marten: ok
(09/12 11:32:47)  Musica: I'll catch up to the twins this week.
(09/12 11:33:12)  GoMe Marten: Ah, I found the line in the log, thx lunanne!
(09/12 11:33:12)  Musica: Miranna's on line now
(09/12 11:33:14)  GoMeLeonardo: we don't necessarily have to point to many pages, the GoMe Newsletter was born with just a few pages
(09/12 11:33:34)  GoMeLeonardo: good Musica
(09/12 11:34:10)  GoMeLeonardo: something else we want to discuss? even out of the Newspaper, Guild in general?
(09/12 11:34:37) GoMe Marten shrugs
(09/12 11:34:51)  Musica: i hope our new Messengers are doing well since they're not here
(09/12 11:34:58)  LThyme: be right back
(09/12 11:35:28)  GoMe Marten: I have not been in cavern much lately but when I have, I've seen people passing along the KImails, that's good.
(09/12 11:35:30)  GoMeLeonardo: yes....our newer messengers aren't exacly active
(09/12 11:35:38)  GoMeLeonardo: oh good!
(09/12 11:35:41)  Luna(nne): some of the new people are rather busy irl :(
(09/12 11:36:34)  Luna(nne): but I think Capella isn't really doing anything in the community right now apart from being forum mod
(09/12 11:37:01)  Luna(nne): I'll have a chat with Allatwan about it
(09/12 11:37:01)  GoMeLeonardo: Yes, he didn't reply to my Census
(09/12 11:38:10)  GoMeLeonardo: there are others too...all flagged Inactive on the GoMeCoordinator document
(09/12 11:38:19)  Luna(nne): yeah she just disappeared rather weird really
(09/12 11:38:27)  GoMeLeonardo: but overall we are doing a good work
(09/12 11:38:33) GoMeLeonardo nods his head
(09/12 11:38:45)  GoMe Marten: I was really sad that Irissa just vanished.
(09/12 11:39:14)  GoMeLeonardo: yes, me too, she was so active. And she left the CES ppl with no guide
(09/12 11:39:45)  GoMeLeonardo: it's really strange
(09/12 11:40:02)  GoMe Marten: The new messengers, the ones described as 'not very active', have each been given a task, something they agreed to?
(09/12 11:40:02)  GoMeLeonardo: on the other hand we have Natsaka back a French translator
(09/12 11:40:12)  GoMeLeonardo: yes Marten
(09/12 11:40:19)  GoMe Marten: Hey, I need a French translator!
(09/12 11:40:26)  GoMeLeonardo: LOL
(09/12 11:40:38)  GoMe Marten: Can  you ask if she'd be interested in talking to me about the Prologue project?
(09/12 11:40:41)  GoMeLeonardo: Natsaka is quite active on our website
(09/12 11:40:49)  Luna(nne): yeah Capella would be editor of the newspaper too, btu I think something happened irl really
(09/12 11:40:58)  GoMeLeonardo: ok Marten
(09/12 11:41:04)  GoMeLeonardo: you can PM her too XD
(09/12 11:41:11)  GoMe Marten: (Is that a she?  I can't tell the gender of the name)
(09/12 11:41:21)  Luna(nne): (yes she is :) )
(09/12 11:41:28)  Luna(nne): (she is a she)
(09/12 11:41:28)  GoMe Marten: oh good I guessed right
(09/12 11:41:39)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I love your prologue project, Marten
(09/12 11:41:46)  GoMeLeonardo: mmh...oh, I don't know....I guessed natsaka was a she, you could check again her Welcome Thread XD
(09/12 11:42:19)  Luna(nne): I'll contact her on mystcommunity to ask but I don't think Capella will be part of the newspaper team anymore
(09/12 11:42:33)  GoMeLeonardo: we also har Alaedrain as french translator but she is very busy, but she said that we can send her the Newspaper and she will trnalsated it
(09/12 11:42:57) GoMe Marten nods his head
(09/12 11:43:15)  Luna(nne): anyone knows something about Blutec?
(09/12 11:43:32)  GoMeLeonardo: no, unfortunately, haven't seen her online lately
(09/12 11:44:05)  GoMeLeonardo: I'll try to contact her
(09/12 11:44:34)  GoMeLeonardo: White is a bit more busy with RL but he is still tranlsatiing our news
(09/12 11:44:35)  Luna(nne): I also know her on another forum so if she doesn't react I can try it there
(09/12 11:44:47)  GoMeLeonardo: ok
(09/12 11:45:20)  GoMeLeonardo: anything else?
(09/12 11:45:31)  Musica: I got KI mail from Mev ydy when I was working on CGZM mission. Takes me forever lol
(09/12 11:45:49)  Musica: What screen is Mireena's daughter using?
(09/12 11:45:50)  Luna(nne): I sent a message to the liaisons and translators in august but none of them reacted. Are they all still active?
(09/12 11:46:12)  GoMe Marten: Message here or message on the forum?
(09/12 11:46:16)  GoMeLeonardo: mmh, you didn't PM me. I'm still GoMa Liaison XD
(09/12 11:46:42)  Luna(nne): * I messaged the international ones for an article
(09/12 11:46:46)  GoMeLeonardo: Tai'lahr is usually active. Julee is here, I'm here, adn there aren't many more
(09/12 11:46:51)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I'm GoW liaison, no PM here
(09/12 11:46:54)  Luna(nne): you already had an article so I didn't have to PM you
(09/12 11:46:59)  GoMeLeonardo: ah LOL!
(09/12 11:47:35)  Luna(nne): but I was especially wondering who "yuko hoon" is/was since I can't remember seeing him/her
(09/12 11:47:39)  GoMeLeonardo: Sirlazurus has been silent for a good period
(09/12 11:48:12)  GoMeLeonardo: Yuko Hoon was recruited as Spanish translator....but she has always been inactive
(09/12 11:48:32)  GoMeLeonardo: like Deadmoon
(09/12 11:49:03)  Luna(nne): o yeah there is a note in the census
(09/12 11:49:09)  GoMeLeonardo: :)
(09/12 11:49:31)  AgeExplorer: LThyme appears to be pulling a ural
(09/12 11:49:41)  AgeExplorer: :D
(09/12 11:49:50)  Luna(nne): ural?
(09/12 11:49:52)  GoMeLeonardo: lol XD
(09/12 11:49:53)  Musica: You could always put out a "need translator" post on our site and see who responds
(09/12 11:49:55)  AgeExplorer: hehe
(09/12 11:50:05)  AgeExplorer: we call him the greeter statue
(09/12 11:50:11)  GoMe Marten: Before we stop, are there specific people not here we'd like to thank because they -are- active?  Like Natsaka?
(09/12 11:50:13)  Luna(nne): ow like that :)
(09/12 11:50:14)  AgeExplorer: he goes afk for hours and hours
(09/12 11:50:39)  GoMeLeonardo: mmh....well I want to thank you all guys!!!
(09/12 11:50:53)  GoMe Marten: I figured present company was a given :D
(09/12 11:51:00)  GoMeLeonardo: XD
(09/12 11:51:07) AgeExplorer bows
(09/12 11:51:24)  Luna(nne): well it is not really like I can be inactive it seems
(09/12 11:51:25)  GoMeLeonardo: white has been very active over the past months he's been dealing with a lot of things
(09/12 11:51:35)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: :-)
(09/12 11:51:37)  GoMeLeonardo: :D
(09/12 11:51:37)  GoMe Marten: I'll add Szark to the list, though he didn't make it here.
(09/12 11:51:45)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(09/12 11:52:13)  GoMeLeonardo: And theremin that is with us even with his busy RL
(09/12 11:52:35)  GoMeLeonardo: oh!
(09/12 11:52:43)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Szark!
(09/12 11:52:44)  Musica: Hi Szark
(09/12 11:52:44)  GoMeLeonardo: See we have just called his name XD
(09/12 11:52:44)  AgeExplorer: welcome
(09/12 11:52:49)  Polgara: Hi Szark
(09/12 11:52:50)  GoMeLeonardo: Szark :)
(09/12 11:52:53)  Luna(nne): hi szark :)
(09/12 11:52:53)  Musica: It's like magic
(09/12 11:53:00)  Szark: hi all so sorry for being late
(09/12 11:53:01)  GoMe Marten: Magic Szark!  Just add name.
(09/12 11:53:11)  AgeExplorer: hehehe
(09/12 11:53:12) Szark cheers
(09/12 11:53:17)  GoMeLeonardo: ehehe, it seems you arrived almost at the end
(09/12 11:53:40)  GoMeLeonardo: if you want to say something about the Newspaper or the Guild this is the right time X
(09/12 11:53:42)  GoMeLeonardo: XD
(09/12 11:53:45)  GoMe Marten: We were thinking about those who did not make it, but whose contributions we appreciate.
(09/12 11:53:46)  Szark: Yeah it has been so long I forgot the time conversion
(09/12 11:53:51) Szark says DOH!
(09/12 11:53:57) GoMe.Ju'lee D smiles
(09/12 11:54:14)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(09/12 11:54:26)  Szark: has much been said about the magazine
(09/12 11:54:35)  GoMeLeonardo: yes quite a bit
(09/12 11:54:49)  GoMe Marten: Leo has a log and I'll post a summary just as soon as we're done
(09/12 11:54:53)  GoMeLeonardo: we decided we like your thoughts of a crossword and the "Did You Know"s
(09/12 11:55:03)  GoMeLeonardo: oh thanks Marten!
(09/12 11:55:06)  LThyme: back
(09/12 11:55:08)  Szark: pk I will read the chat log and go from there. I don't want to be going over things alrready covered
(09/12 11:55:10)  AgeExplorer: wb
(09/12 11:55:12)  GoMeLeonardo: wb LThyme
(09/12 11:55:17)  AgeExplorer: :)
(09/12 11:55:28)  Szark: Good one
(09/12 11:55:41)  Szark: about the Crossword and Did you knows
(09/12 11:55:55)  GoMeLeonardo: Marten already provided some Did You Knows
(09/12 11:55:59)  GoMeLeonardo: :D
(09/12 11:56:09)  Szark: but they do need input from us all
(09/12 11:56:22)  AgeExplorer: :)
(09/12 11:56:28)  Szark: It was a real bind each issue to get the Did you Knows together
(09/12 11:56:46)  GoMeLeonardo: you were great with the Crosswords, they were hard
(09/12 11:57:02)  Szark: plus thinking of deviuos questions for the crossword
(09/12 11:57:18)  Luna(nne): I don't actually know a lot of "did-you-know" stuff
(09/12 11:57:31)  Szark: Well I thought about the average Uruite so I wanted them hard
(09/12 11:57:51)  AgeExplorer: yes hehe we are very intuitive
(09/12 11:57:55)  Szark: Lunanne I got all mine from Wiki and Leo
(09/12 11:58:40)  Szark: what I will do is list the one we have done already...for the Did you know and
(09/12 11:58:46)  Szark: put them on a wiki page
(09/12 11:58:57)  GoMeLeonardo: good
(09/12 11:59:05)  GoMe Marten: Maybe we can get some additional info from Cyan.  Like ask, "What was the highest population ever in Myst Online?  On what day?"  If they have that info and can spare a minute to look it up.  [Maybe after Stoneship ships.]
(09/12 11:59:16)  Szark: As for the crossoword it doesn't matter reusing some old questions
(09/12 11:59:44)  GoMeLeonardo: true ^^
(09/12 11:59:47)  Szark: mice idea Marten
(09/12 12:00:25)  Szark: Stoneship Ships....got to get back a start reading as I haven't a clue with this one
(09/12 12:00:46)  Szark: I did see a thread about it
(09/12 12:00:46)  GoMeLeonardo: Pirates Game for iPhone by Cyan Worlds
(09/12 12:00:50)  GoMe Marten: Stoneship is a new iPhone/iPod/iPad game.
(09/12 12:01:07)  GoMe Marten: Turn-based strategy game.
(09/12 12:01:18)  Szark: cheers now I know why I gave it  a miss...good for Cyan though
(09/12 12:01:44)  Szark: don't own an ipod you see
(09/12 12:01:52)  GoMeLeonardo: lol nor me
(09/12 12:02:10)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: nor I
(09/12 12:02:24)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: (not a correction - I don't own one either)  :-)
(09/12 12:02:35)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: :-)
(09/12 12:02:49)  GoMe Marten: I'd like to own one, I just don't yet.
(09/12 12:03:01)  GoMe Marten: Every year they get better!
(09/12 12:03:11) LThyme laughs
(09/12 12:03:17)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: sigh...My money's going toward my son's college education right now...
(09/12 12:03:33)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: of course, HE has an ipod...
(09/12 12:03:37)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol
(09/12 12:03:40) GoMeLeonardo starts to laugh
(09/12 12:03:40)  LThyme: I'm on Verizon phone plan, so no iPhone for me
(09/12 12:03:48)  Szark: are there any question for me regardig help with any aspect of making the new magazine while I am here
(09/12 12:03:52)  GoMe Marten: Hopefully he's not listening to it when in class, Ju'lee!
(09/12 12:03:57)  Luna(nne): I actually worked a whole summer for an ipod
(09/12 12:03:59)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: yes, let's hope
(09/12 12:04:06)  GoMe Marten: LThyme> Same here.  But hope springs eternal.
(09/12 12:04:23) Szark sneezes
(09/12 12:04:28)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: bless you
(09/12 12:04:30)  AgeExplorer: bless you
(09/12 12:04:36)  Szark: sorry should have worn my coat
(09/12 12:04:42)  GoMeLeonardo: Szark we decided a final date for submitting logos concept and then we'll have a vote
(09/12 12:05:01)  GoMe Marten: And we decided we'd like the layout of the magazine to be formalized as much as possible by Thursday.
(09/12 12:05:05)  Szark: nice I will read the chat log for details
(09/12 12:05:07)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: logos due by 9/19, vote 9/20-9/22
(09/12 12:05:16) GoMeLeonardo nods his head
(09/12 12:05:26)  Szark: cheers Ju'lee
(09/12 12:05:31)  GoMe Marten: Layout by 9/16
(09/12 12:05:53)  GoMeLeonardo: Polgara is making progress with the layout, we just thought we need a bit more yellow XD
(09/12 12:05:56)  Szark: 16/9 for us brits. LOL
(09/12 12:06:03)  AgeExplorer: hehehe
(09/12 12:06:03)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: :-)  
(09/12 12:06:09)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: sooo confusing...  :-)
(09/12 12:06:11)  Szark: and more art work
(09/12 12:06:27)  GoMe Marten: I should say Sep 16 or 16-Sep, sorry :)
(09/12 12:06:31)  Szark: I have just finished  a add on the the Art of Myst
(09/12 12:07:00)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(09/12 12:07:06)  GoMe Marten: Did we miss any topics?  "Filler" art?  I only saw that we discussed dA and cover.
(09/12 12:07:10)  Szark: I asked over on the forumsince this is a magazine are we having bigger articles spread across tow pages
(09/12 12:07:28)  Szark: two pages or more
(09/12 12:07:41)  LThyme: be right back
(09/12 12:07:45)  GoMe Marten: Yeah, you have support from us on that vs Theremin, Szark.
(09/12 12:08:03)  Szark: When we did the newspaper Theremin didn't want us to run over to another page so we made a 500 word limit
(09/12 12:08:20)  Szark: Most good peices for the Archiver were three times that
(09/12 12:08:31)  GoMeLeonardo: yes, we think that that limit should griw now
(09/12 12:08:40)  GoMeLeonardo: grow*
(09/12 12:08:40)  GoMe Marten: Yeah.
(09/12 12:09:03)  Szark: Well the question is on the forum for discusion
(09/12 12:09:10)  GoMe Marten: We discussed it :)
(09/12 12:09:18)  GoMeLeonardo: ok
(09/12 12:09:31)  Szark: I am having trouble getting my latest piece below 1000 words
(09/12 12:09:38)  Szark: LOL
(09/12 12:09:48)  GoMeLeonardo: Szark what would be "little artworks" for the newspaper?
(09/12 12:09:54)  GoMe Marten: You said you had it down to 900, is it back up to 100 now?
(09/12 12:09:55)  GoMeLeonardo: LOL
(09/12 12:10:01)  GoMe Marten: er 1000?
(09/12 12:10:02)  Szark: yeap
(09/12 12:10:04)  Musica: WE kind of think Theremin will loosen limits for interesting topics
(09/12 12:10:13) GoMeLeonardo nods his head
(09/12 12:10:16)  Szark: just finished at at an even 1000
(09/12 12:10:23)  Szark: Small artwork
(09/12 12:10:24)  GoMe Marten: If not, we'll just strongarm him. 8D
(09/12 12:10:30)  Szark: Theremin and I
(09/12 12:10:33)  Luna(nne): am I the only person who writes short articles?
(09/12 12:10:33)  Musica: haha
(09/12 12:10:40)  GoMe Marten: Filler artworks?
(09/12 12:10:41)  Szark: were talking about this yesterday
(09/12 12:10:45)  GoMeLeonardo: lol luna
(09/12 12:11:15)  Szark: We thought it would be a good idea to have no human portrait or creatures that were...
(09/12 12:11:29)  Szark: part of the images subject on the main page...
(09/12 12:11:40)  Szark: a human figure in the distance ok
(09/12 12:12:09)  Szark: A jungle with a creture in ok
(09/12 12:12:22)  Szark: not a Creature in a jungle
(09/12 12:12:28)  AgeExplorer: uh oh
(09/12 12:13:16)  Szark: What we thought was good was Landscapes, still lifes. etc on the front page and the rest with anything goes that looks good
(09/12 12:13:18)  GoMe Marten: What is the 'main page'? 
(09/12 12:13:26)  GoMe Marten: Front page?
(09/12 12:13:44)  Szark: the very first page you see/ Same as the Archiver
(09/12 12:14:05)  Musica: I posted a couple Voltigeur type photos in the Photobucket, thanks to Szark's sending me info
(09/12 12:14:08)  Szark: Picture fills the whole page with the page title and so on onit
(09/12 12:14:21)  Szark: no problem Musica
(09/12 12:14:47)  GoMe Marten: Ah yes.  That is what I was trying to tell you about the logo, Szark.  I wanted to see the logo imposed on a full page image, not see an image stuck into the logo (for your logo design)
(09/12 12:14:50)  Szark: so back to small artwork
(09/12 12:15:14)  Szark: I suppose anything that looks good
(09/12 12:15:30)  Szark: Fanasty landscapes
(09/12 12:15:33)  GoMeLeonardo: crashed sorry
(09/12 12:15:38)  AgeExplorer: woot woot ur back
(09/12 12:15:39)  Szark: fractal art
(09/12 12:16:01)  LThyme: back
(09/12 12:16:04)  AgeExplorer: wb
(09/12 12:16:12)  Szark: either digital, traditional scanned
(09/12 12:16:28)  Szark: oil paintings
(09/12 12:16:33)  GoMeLeonardo: what should those be used for Szark? Just graphics to be used around, like using the Magazine as ArtGallery?
(09/12 12:16:35)  Szark: Jewelry making
(09/12 12:16:40)  GoMe Marten: With GoW tools, or maybe can we get someone with the GoW, to pull in discreet objects in Blender, like lanterns from the neighborhood, as objects to position throughout the magazine?
(09/12 12:17:06)  GoMe Marten: OK, that was poor english. :)  I meant, "can we pull in dsicreet objects..."
(09/12 12:17:25)  Szark: We will have to clarify this but I think the look Theremin was going for was an arty type of publication
(09/12 12:17:37)  Luna(nne): yeah, I think so too
(09/12 12:17:37)  Szark: Not so much a sterile newspaper
(09/12 12:17:44)  LThyme: That's a good idea
(09/12 12:17:57)  Szark: Articles that can be sometimes loosly connected with Uru
(09/12 12:18:41)  LThyme: Ah, I have to go now. Schoolwork calls.
(09/12 12:18:47) LThyme waves goodbye
(09/12 12:18:51) AgeExplorer waves goodbye
(09/12 12:18:53)  Szark: Like me using 3D models in Daz studio but inspired by Uru and Myst
(09/12 12:18:56)  GoMe Marten: Bye LThyme
(09/12 12:18:56) Luna(nne) waves goodbye
(09/12 12:19:08)  Szark: Bye LThyme
(09/12 12:19:25)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: bye
(09/12 12:19:33)  GoMeLeonardo: I see
(09/12 12:19:35)  GoMe Marten: You could use the stone guild logos MJ did.
(09/12 12:19:59) GoMe Marten is a bit puzzled...
(09/12 12:20:01)  GoMeLeonardo: weren't those took from pics here?
(09/12 12:20:08)  Szark: Yes I love those and I know how she made them now.
(09/12 12:20:10)  GoMe Marten: Yes, then adapted.
(09/12 12:20:28)  GoMeLeonardo: I see. I used the GoMe one for the Facebook page
(09/12 12:20:58)  Szark: yes they will stand the test of time MJ did well there
(09/12 12:20:59)  GoMe Marten: We didn't have the ability to pull the texture out of the game then, so I took pictures as best I could, and she adjusted the perspective in photoshop and enhanced them
(09/12 12:21:43)  Szark: heheh no you can never, even with flymode, get a straight on straght image
(09/12 12:21:57)  GoMe Marten: Yep.  Everything's distorted
(09/12 12:22:15)  GoMe Marten: And someone should file a ticket about our banners!
(09/12 12:22:22)  GoMeLeonardo: LOL!
(09/12 12:22:44) Musica points
(09/12 12:23:15)  GoMe Marten: Are we done Leo?
(09/12 12:23:20)  Szark: Does that answer the question of artwork?
(09/12 12:23:22)  GoMeLeonardo: ok then...I missed some minutes of chat but it's almost there
(09/12 12:23:26)  GoMeLeonardo: yes Szark
(09/12 12:23:33)  GoMeLeonardo: and yes Marten
(09/12 12:23:34)  GoMe Marten: What did you miss?  I have the whole thing
(09/12 12:23:37)  Luna(nne): I'm also logging
(09/12 12:23:41)  GoMeLeonardo: ah ok
(09/12 12:23:48)  GoMeLeonardo: I missed when I crashed XD
(09/12 12:24:01)  GoMeLeonardo: the question about the graphics
(09/12 12:24:22)  GoMeLeonardo: we lost Polgara
(09/12 12:24:28)  GoMeLeonardo: but we are at the end
(09/12 12:24:29) Szark is a bit puzzled...
(09/12 12:24:45)  GoMeLeonardo: so, thank you everyone for coming!!
(09/12 12:24:50)  GoMe Marten: *has leo's e-mail address, will send log now*
(09/12 12:24:55)  GoMeLeonardo: it's been a nice meeting :=
(09/12 12:24:57)  GoMeLeonardo: thx!
(09/12 12:25:07)  GoMe Marten: Thanks folks
(09/12 12:25:07) GoMeLeonardo claps his hands
(09/12 12:25:10) GoMe Marten cheers
(09/12 12:25:12) AgeExplorer claps his hands
(09/12 12:25:19)  Szark: yeah sorry I was extremely late I thought I had missed all of you
(09/12 12:25:24) Luna(nne) claps her hands
(09/12 12:25:32)  GoMeLeonardo: Lol, we have looooong meetings XD
(09/12 12:25:35) GoMe.Ju'lee D claps her hands
(09/12 12:25:39)  GoMe Marten: Meeting summary is posted at forum now
(09/12 12:25:42)  Szark: which is good for me
(09/12 12:25:47)  Szark: lol
(09/12 12:25:56)  GoMeLeonardo: oh it seems Marten did all the Chatlog/summary work then
(09/12 12:25:56)  Luna(nne): this one wasn't that long
(09/12 12:26:11)  Luna(nne): didn't we have one of 4 hours once?
(09/12 12:26:32) Szark nods his head
(09/12 12:26:34)  GoMeLeonardo: oh really? 4 hours? maybe
(09/12 12:26:37)  GoMe Marten: I'm just posting the summary, I'll  let you post the log Leo
(09/12 12:26:44)  GoMeLeonardo: ok
(09/12 12:26:55)  GoMeLeonardo: I have to go out now, thank you all for coming!
(09/12 12:26:57)  Szark: nice to be back of a sorts folks
(09/12 12:27:02) Thumbs up from GoMeLeonardo
(09/12 12:27:04)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: welcome back!
(09/12 12:27:09) GoMeLeonardo cheers
(09/12 12:27:14) AgeExplorer cheers
(09/12 12:27:22) ...Chat.log stopped.


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